These are NOT postcards!  These awesome pictures are taken from my home site for sale!
Unique home site with 4.34 Beautiful Southwest Acres in Tucson, Arizona  -  $129,500
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Short private road to the home site.  Tucson City Water & Tucson Electric at property line.
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My Tucson Hilltop
Property is the
Perfect Place to Build
Your Own Wonderful
Dream House!
My Tucson Hilltop
Property is the
Perfect Place to Build
Your Own Wonderful
Dream House!
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Hello!  Welcome to My Tucson Hilltop Web Pages!
Tucson is really a great place to live.  No need to take my
word for it though.  Tucson has a long and colorful history
with proof of uninterrupted human habitation going back
thousands of years!  One of the few places in North
America that can claim that.  From the ancient Hohokam
culture and their Pima Indian descendants, to the Spanish
Conquistadors, Mexican Vaqueros, and the Frontier
Settlers from the East, all made Tucson their home.
Tucson is now the 32nd largest city in the United States,
but you wouldn't think it.  In many ways it has kept that
small town atmosphere, unlike the mega-city of Phoenix a
hundred miles to the North.  The world renowned
University of Arizona is right here as well as the well
respected University Medical Center.  Plenty of nearby
shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Two local casinos
have large arenas hosting great concerts with top
entertainers.   As my pictures will show, there's superb
hiking, tennis and golf to enjoy most of the year.

I have lived in Tucson for the past ten years.  Previously
living in Minnesota and Illinois.  No severe cold or
blizzards to worry about here!  That's why my mother
retired here and my brother has a house here.  So does
my daughter, her husband and his parents, my aunt and
my sister in law.
We all know Columbus discovered the New World in 1492, but not many realize Spanish
explorers were right behind and in the Tucson area by 1540.  The San Xavier mission was
founded in 1692.  Work on the current church was completed in 1797 and still exists today.  
Called the "White Dove of the Desert, it is one of the finest examples of Spanish Colonial
architecture.  You can see it clearly from my view property and home site that I am selling.
Sometimes the best of plans get changed though, and
unfortunately I have decided to sell this magnificent
property.  Please take a look at my site and all the
pictures describing this outstanding area. I will be glad
to answer any questions you might have.
Please contact me at:
            Thanks so much for visiting!
Below are just a few examples of wonderful Southwest homes in the vicinity!
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NO Hurricanes, Tornados, Blizzards or Floods.  Just Lots of Sunshine and Clean Air!